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MostBet India supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc. The betting site supports Paytm, which pays out within 3 hours. An access to over 8,000 games.
The withdrawal options are fewer than the deposit methods. There is no anonymity with cryptocurrency.

MostBet is a straight-to-business sports betting and online casino gaming platform for players in over 90 countries. It is available in more than two dozen languages, and you can get it in Hindi if that is your preference. The richness of the betting site remains the same, with easy accessibility for all.

MostBet India has all the features of a modern yet tailor-made betting site. Players can quickly find sporting events to bet on or casino games to play. Regardless of your preference, the platform covers you, from the bonuses to the sports and games.

The 24/7 chat support is at your beck and call, but the betting site also has other contact options. Its bonuses are spectacular, and the payment options, including UPI, are adequate. We have explored all these sections in this MostBet review to give you a well-grounded knowledge of the site.

MostBet payment options

Payments on this site will be as swift as possible. That is because it features all the modern methods or services one could think of on the platform. Hence, deposits and withdrawals will run smoothly without hiccups.

Of course, you must fund your account after registration. The betting site will redirect you to the payment page, which offers several services for your use. Also, the options cover international payment services and those tailored for the Indian region.

Whether you want to bet on sports or play casino games, your payment options are the same. With that in mind, the following are the payment options available at the MostBet official site:

  • Mobile payment options, including PhonePe and PhonePe Fast Pay
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  • Electronic wallets, including GPay
  • Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)
  • NetBanking
  • Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance, Dash, Dogecoin, and ZCash.
  • AstroPay

You will find these options more than enough for your everyday payment needs. The fastest will be the cryptocurrencies, but we will leave that to your discretion. Nevertheless, this betting site is a modern platform for sports bettors and casino gamers.

We will talk more about the payment system, including how to deposit and withdraw. Then, we will also cover the minimum amounts you can pay into your account.

Is MostBet safe?

MostBet is a secure betting site for players who want to bet on sports or play casino games. Its operator, Bizbon N.V., is licensed in Curacao to provide online betting services. In addition, the payment operator, Venson Ltd., is a licensed company in Cyprus.

In addition to its licensed operators, the betting site protects user data with the newest SSL encryption technology. It follows the “Know Your Customer” guidelines, carrying out player verification. However, you must ensure that you provide the correct details during registration.

Payment details are among the most crucial information in online transactions. The site has taken precautions to ensure that such information is kept secure. Furthermore, it regularly deletes user information when it is no longer needed.

MostBet is a 100% legit betting platform for sports bettors and casino players. Follow the proper account creation and verification processes, and you will be fine.

How to sign up at MostBet

Creating an account on this platform is easy, but you must do it at the MostBet official website. You might find affiliate links, but ensure you are on the main webpage. Once on board, the following are the registration steps:


Whether you are registering with a mobile phone or a PC, the “Register” button is always pronounced. It stays at the top right corner of the home page.

If you find “Join” instead of “Register,” you are on the international platform. Navigate to the Indian platform and see the “Register” button.

Once you click that button, the site will open a window for you to input your details and proceed with your membership.

Choose to register with your mobile number, email, or social media

One clever thing MostBet India does is give players multiple ways to sign up with the platform. All of these are easy, without a doubt, but having different options brings flexibility. Regardless of how you registered, you must verify your account before making any withdrawals.

Unlike other platforms, some methods require very little information. The available registration methods are a mobile number, email, or social media.

Registering via mobile only requires your contact information and, of course, your preferred currency. Once you enter those details, confirm your age, agree to the legal terms, and click “Register.”

The following method is by email, requiring three details, your email, preferred currency, and password. Enter the needed information and accept the legal terms and age declaration.

The last registration method is a fun one and is also very quick. You can register through various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Telegram, and others. When you select one, the site will use the information from your profile to register you.

There is a fourth option, which requires only your country and preferred currency. Nevertheless, they are available whenever you are ready to join the betting platform.

You will be directed to your account

Once registration is complete, the online betting site will redirect you to your account. If you use an email, you should keep your MostBet login details, especially the password, close to your heart. Notwithstanding, you can always recover your password if things go sideways.

One thing you cannot help but appreciate about this betting site is its simplicity and relative ease of use. Anything you do once registration is complete will reflect on your account. However, the platform might redirect you to the deposit section after you create your account.

You can skip making a deposit and continue exploring the platform. Doing that might rob you of the welcome bonus, which has a stipulated time to stay active.

After registration, the operator will assign you a unique ID. This detail holds across all its platforms, including MostBet com, app, and browser sites.

You are ready to start!

Nothing stops you from hitting the games or sporting events and placing bets. That is if you have funded your account. Notwithstanding, you are now a platform member and eligible for all the perks that come along with that.

You should be mindful of the minimum deposits for bonuses and the maximum withdrawals. There are other betting platform rules, but nothing is out of the ordinary. You will get them from many legit sportsbooks and online casinos.

It would be best to read the terms of use or rules before betting on games. That way, you will know the dos and don’ts of using MostBet as an online staking website.

How to deposit at MostBet

After registration, funding your account is the next step before you start betting on sports or games. This operator simplifies this process by supporting multiple payment options. Hence, players are at liberty to choose which method works for them.

The payment methods on this online betting site cut across fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. You will find more than enough on both sides to suit your taste. Also, let us mention that they support fast transactions.

You might be familiar with some of the methods on the platform, while others will be novel to you. Notwithstanding, use the one that is more favorable to you.

Keeping that in mind, let us walk you through the steps of funding your gaming account. They are as follows:

Tap on “Deposit”

Once logged in, click your account icon at the top right corner of the page. This step holds for PCs and smartphone in-browser sites. As seen in any MostBet app review, you will see a hamburger button for the mobile app.

Scroll down the options till you find “Deposit Funds,” and click it. Doing that will take you to the deposit page, where several payment methods are available. The rest of the process is at your discretion, but we will give you a heads-up to prepare you.

Note that this procedure also holds for mobile app users. However, you might find a different layout.

Choose a deposit method

MostBet supports several fast, modern, and regular payment options. Picking any boils down to personal preference, as they are all efficient and should be enough for everyday transactions. Nevertheless, what should be of interest to you are the deposit limits.

The following are the deposit methods at this gaming site and their transaction limits:

  • PhonePe: From INR100
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI): From INR300 to INR70,000
  • GPay: From INR300 to INR70,000
  • Immediate Payment Service (IMPS): From INR300 to INR70,000
  • NetBanking: From INR500 to INR50,000
  • AstroPay: From INR300 to INR70,000
  • Bitcoin: From INR2,050
  • Tether: From INR850
  • Ethereum: From INR4,100
  • Ripple: From INR1,000
  • Litecoin: From INR450
  • Bitcoin Cash: From INR450
  • Binance: From INR600
  • Dash: From INR450
  • Dogecoin: From INR650
  • ZCash: From INR1300

Most options for fiat currency deposits are available, and they are efficient and capable of handling transactions. If you are more interested in cryptocurrencies, the betting site has a few more exciting methods. It features the most popular cryptos, including stablecoins, to expand your choices.

Paying with cryptocurrency might be the fastest, but it requires proficiency in the niche. Unlike easy fiat methods, you should leave crypto payments if you need help with how to do them.

Paytm is the easiest at MostBet!

If you want an easy payment method at this online betting site, Paytm is your best bet. This service is the largest in India, with the simplicity of a smartphone. All you need is your mobile device, and you can quickly fund your account.

Paytm is widely supported in the country and on most online gaming sites. The ease of payment it brings has made many players opt for the option of handling their casino transactions themselves. Indeed, it is a highly efficient payment method, especially for online transactions.

To use Paytm, navigate to the deposit section and select the payment method. The rest of the steps will be easy, even if you have never used the method before.

Follow the on-screen instructions

MostBet does not leave its players hanging after they select their preferred payment option. It goes on to provide an on-screen prompt for each deposit method.

The typical requirement across all payment options is the amount you want to deposit. Other details and prompts will also depend on your chosen payment method. Let us see what some of them offer.

PhonePe provides the destination account details at the top of the page before you enter the deposit amount. That simplifies the process and makes it quicker for you to fund your account.

The destination wallet address for coin transfers is provided by cryptocurrency options such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, and others. That is something you will not find when using fiat currency payment options.

Be careful to only deposit within the limit for your preferred payment option. As mentioned earlier, each method has its own allowable range for deposits.

The payment method with the highest lower threshold is Ethereum, which requires deposits of INR4,100 and above. Anything below that, and the payment will not go through. Also, the on-screen prompts will pop up a warning to indicate that you are not within the allowable range.

Summarily, on-screen prompts guide you regardless of which payment option you pick. Follow them and make your deposits without hassles.  

You are ready to start betting!

Once you fund your account, the betting site will allow you to place real-money bets. Navigate to the sportsbook or casino and pick any sporting event or game you choose. Sports betting works differently from casino gaming.

You have nothing to be concerned about if you are an expert in both. On the other hand, you will first need to learn before placing any real money in a section you are unfamiliar with. The betting site has demo games in the casino section to help with that.

Regarding the sportsbook, there are no demos. You must navigate these waters or read more about them and how betting is done. Either way, be familiar with the sports section and know the available markets before placing bets.

How to withdraw at MostBet

Withdrawals will be the next step once you start winning. The time for withdrawing funds from your account depends on you, and the betting site is always available. However, there is something you should be aware of before making a withdrawal.

If we track back to registration, you will remember that the site did not require personal details like a name. That was to ensure quick signup times with utmost privacy. Nevertheless, you can only withdraw funds from your account if these details are present.

Once you follow these withdrawal steps below, the betting site will redirect you to fill out your profile. Doing that makes you eligible for withdrawals within the selected payment option’s limits.

Having said that, the following steps will guide you to withdraw your gaming funds:

Tap on the Menu

The steps might have slight differences depending on which device you use. For the most part, they are the same.

Tap on the menu icon to access more options or buttons. Among these, you should see your profile. As mentioned earlier, update your details before initiating a withdrawal request.

Go to your profile

The next step is to visit your player profile. You will find several commands in a scroll list. Hence, scroll down until you find the withdrawal button.


Clicking “Withdraw Funds from the Account” immediately opens a new window. Here, you will see different withdrawal methods that are available to you.

Choose a withdrawal method

MostBet has fewer withdrawal methods than those for deposits. Nevertheless, they are efficient and still capable of handling speedy transactions.

Again, it boils down to personal preference regarding which method to use. You can use the same process for a deposit if it is available. If not, make a new selection from the options on the screen.

With that in mind, the betting site supports Paytm, Phonepe, Paytm by Paykassma, NetBanking, AstroPay, Tether, and Bitcoin. You must provide specific details before ordering a payout with them.

Enter the Amount & Your account number

Once you choose your preferred withdrawal method, a popup window will appear. That is where you will enter all the information needed to conduct the transaction.

Here are the withdrawal methods and the required details for each:

  • Paytm: amount and account number
  • Phonepe: amount, phone number, account name, account number, IFSC code, and UPI ID.
  • Paytm by Paykassma: amount and account number.
  • NetBanking: amount, first name, email, bank account number, IFSC code, and address.
  • Astro Pay: amount and mobile number
  • Tether and Bitcoin: amount and crypto-wallet address.

You’re all done!

As the previous section shows, requesting a payout from MostBet is quick and easy. In a few seconds, your request will be processed. Then, you can close the window and return to sports betting or casino gaming.

You must be aware of any transaction limit on the withdrawals. For that information, you can read the betting sites’ terms of service to know the minimum and maximum withdrawals. Adhering to that will help in the faster processing of your payout request.

MostBet withdrawal time

Withdrawal times are as essential in this MostBet review as in every other section. While faster payouts are impressive, this betting site does not allow instant withdrawals. Instead, most payment options payout within 24 to 48 hours.

Paytm offers the fastest transaction speed among the withdrawal methods. Payouts come in three hours or less, provided the casino has approved the request. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency options might take up to 24 hours to release the funds.

Regardless of the different withdrawal times, MostBet offers some of the fastest payment methods. Twenty-four hours is pretty quick compared to today’s standard practices. It is well within the threshold of modern payout speeds.

MostBet India Welcome Bonus

During registration, you must choose either the casino or sports bonus. MostBet also allows you to decline both offers and sign up without them.

Depending on your choice, a pop-up window will advise new players to deposit within 30 minutes after registration. That will determine the bonus offer, but you must meet the minimum deposit requirements.

Let’s learn more about the welcome bonus from MostBet India. They include the following:

Sports bonus

New players that sign up and deposit within the stipulated time will receive a 125% match bonus of up to INR25,000. It is similar to what the casino offers, except for the free spins. Also, there is a constraint on your bet with the bonus fund.

Casino bonus

Those who opt for the casino bonus can get a fine blend of deposit matches and free spins. The casino awards a 125% match bonus and 250 free spins to new players. However, the minimum deposit to activate the offer is INR1,000.

The free spins will not come immediately after you fund your account. Instead, the casino releases fifty of them every day until the number is complete. It will take wagering the spins 60 times to meet the play-through requirements.

The eligible game for the free spins is none other than the 24-Hour Grand Prix slot.

Pros and Cons

The following are the pros and cons of MostBet India:


  • The betting site is compatible with multiple devices, including tablets and mobile phones. Players can use their native browsers or download the standalone mobile application to play games and bet on sports.
  • MostBet India supports multiple cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.
  • The betting site supports Paytm, which pays out within 3 hours.
  • Casino players have access to over 8,000 games.


  • The withdrawal options are fewer than the deposit methods.
  • There is no anonymity with cryptocurrency.
  • The bookmaker section does not feature match or event statistics.


Is Mostbet legal in India?

MostBet India operates under the jurisdiction of the Curacao eGaming Authority. It is not subject to the local laws prohibiting the practice in the country. Hence, it is legal in India.

What are the minimum and maximum deposits for Mostbet?

The minimum amount you can pay into your MostBet account is INR100, but that is only through PhonePe. Other deposit methods have their own exclusive thresholds. An example is Ethereum, with a minimum deposit of INR4,100. The maximum deposit depends on the payment option.

What documents do I need for Verification?

You only need two documents for account verification at MostBet. The first is your passport or any government-issued identification card with your full name. Then, a utility bill to verify your physical address.

How many games are available on this platform?

MostBet has over 8,000 games in its casino section and 32 sports in its sportsbook.

Does Mostbet support cryptocurrencies?

The betting site supports not one but several cryptocurrencies, including Ripple, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, etc.


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