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Teen Patti Lulu – 3 patti poker is one of the best poker games you can find online if you’re in India and searching for a good poker game to enjoy.  Being a simplified variant makes teen patti lulu easier and more enjoyable. The game began in India and has gained much traction with both Asian and foreign players. Also known as ‘flush,’ Teen patti lulu is a variant of a poker game known as 3 card poker. Usually, the game is played by three to six players using a fifty-two-card pack that doesn’t include any joker card. And just like similar poker games, the game is started with a bet and, before that, an agreed amount that players will bet before the game begins.

After the cards have been dealt to players facedown, the players can decide to make a call or a raise. A call shows the player will continue to play without raising his bet, while a raise is simply the opposite of a call. However, unlike regular poker, all players’ bets have to be equal amounts. Therefore, if a player bets five rupees and another player bets eight rupees, the previous player has to bet eight rupees additionally to the former bet instead of adding three rupees which would have completed the original bet to eight. 

The winner of the lulu teen patti game is the person who stays throughout the game and has either the highest or the best hand in the end. This decision is made by a ranking of the cards from the highest to the least. The lulu teen patti game is an excellent choice when searching for a game that can help you pass the time and even win cash. While you can gamble on the game at your favorite casino, there is also the option of partaking in the fantastic bonuses offered by the app. These bonuses can only be assessed when you download the teen patti lulu apk

The lulu teen patti game is best played on the app, and this is because of the specialized features and advanced user experience that the app provides over the site. The app is navigable and easy to understand, with great graphics that give it an excellent look. Many gamers who use the mobile app are thrilled by it. And since most games are played online, it is of great benefit to gamers that there is an apk available for their favorite poker game. 

How To Download Teen Patti Lulu Apk

Teen patti lulu can be enjoyed on mobile or desktop. However, the best way to enjoy the mobile version of teen patti lulu is to download the teen patti lulu apk via the game’s site online. The application is easy to download and does not require much process. Most gamers use the apk because it is more convenient and gives them access to other unique features the app offers. To download the teen patti lulu app, go to the game’s website or any other trusted platform such as Google Play Store. There you will find the game. 

Once you find the game, click the download or install button for the download to begin. The app size isn’t large, so you don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space. With a good internet connection, the teen patti lulu apk should be ready for installation within a few seconds. However, the teen patti lulu apk is also known to work just as fine even when your device isn’t functioning on higher connections like 4G and wifi. Therefore, the app can also work fine for a 2G or 3G network. 

If you have any issues while downloading the teen patti lulu app, you are encouraged by the developers to send an email stating your issue. This would help them rectify anything wrong and allow you to enjoy the app anytime. After downloading the app, you would need to sign up before you can enjoy any of the games present in the app. The sign-up process is easy to carry out. Once you’ve installed the app, you will receive a prompt asking for your phone number. 

Type in your phone number into the box provided and expect an OTP in your inbox. If the OTP is delayed, try inputting your number again or change the number if possible. When you receive the OTP, which takes a few seconds to arrive, copy and paste it into the space provided on the app. Once this is done, you’re officially registered and can access the teen patti lulu game as often as you wish. The gamer has access to a Rs.20 sign-up bonus credited to their account after the sign-up process. They must use the bonus for betting on any game they choose on the app. 

Available Game in Teen Patti Lulu Apk

The teen patti lulu app is not just used for playing the lulu teen patti poker game. Instead, it also offers other exciting casino games besides the lulu teen patti game. This way, players can enjoy multiple games conveniently. The teen patti lulu apk has several games ranging from table games to esports. Below is a list of the games available on the teen patti lulu app. 

Teen Patti

Teen patti is a poker game anyone can play on the teen patti lulu apk. Although, because the games on the app are gambling games, underaged players are not supported. 

The game is a card game that can be played in two ways, either blind or seen. The game is concluded when there is either one player left at the table or when there are two of them left, with the player having the best combination of cards as the winner. A tie means the game is over, and the player who called the show automatically loses. 

Jhandi Munda

Jhandi Munda is a dice game with imprinted symbols on the dice. Gamers are meant to wager on the most occurring symbol when all the six dice are rolled face-up. The symbols could be a club, a flag, a heart, or a diamond. A win is made when the symbol a player wagered on appears twice on two different dice. This also means that the winner gets to receive double his stake. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a game where several horses and riders compete. While it is an outdoor sport, the virtual game version is played online, either by downloading or playing it in an online casino. It enables you to wager on the horse of your choice, and when the horse you pick wins the race, you automatically win your bet. 


Roulette is a popular table game that players can also find on the lulu casino app. The game involves a red and black numbered compartment wheel. The wheel is spun with a ball thrown in the middle by the croupier. Players are to bet on which compartment the ball will fall into. The game is considered a banking game because the bets are against the house (casino), not the players. teen patti lulu app has unique variants of roulette that players would enjoy anytime. 

Andar Bahar

The game of Andar Bahar is the type that is based on chance. It is a card game where the player is expected to predict which out of two boxes wins; the Andar box or the Bahar box. Anyone the joker card falls upon will be the winning box, and bets on it will be paid out accordingly. The game starts with the dealer dealing the first card, the joker card, and ends when any player determines the winning box. 


Rummy is a table game found on the teen patti lulu apk, and it is very entertaining. The simple objective of the game is getting rid of all cards and creating melds. Creating melds can be done in two ways; either as sets or runs. Three or four cards with the same numbers are grouped with sets, while runs are grouped as same-suited cards in a sequence. 

The game can be played by several players ranging from two to four. When the game has only two players, they get ten cards each. But if there are more players, they get seven cards each. After the dealer deals the cards, the discard pile is set by placing the deck and a single card side-by-side, with each placed facedown and faceup on the table, respectively. 


Baccarat is a table game that is played using cards. The player’s aim in this game is to give a correct guess of the following proposition that will win the next round, whether it’ll be the Player, the Bank, or a Tie. The bank and the player are dealt two cards each, and whichever has the closest hand to nine is declared the winner. Also, there is usually a six- or eight-deck shoe from where the dealer deals the cards. 

The winner of the game is usually paid at a one-to-one ratio if it is a player’s hand. A bank hand won is paid to the winner at a 0.95 to 1 ratio. The five percent commission removed is accumulated and released to the player at the exhaustion of the deck. While the tie hand is paid at the ratio of eight to one.  

Dragon vs. Tiger

The dragon vs. tiger game is a casino game consisting of two parts, the dragon and the tiger respectively. The two parts are wagered on by predicting which part would receive the card of the highest value. The part that gets the highest value is considered the winner. 

Side bets are also allowed in this game, like predicting what cards would be dealt to both parts, such as 7, K, 3, or J. Players also have the option of betting on a tie as an outcome. The two parts have a payout of 1:1; however, the tie has a payout of 10:1. 

7 Up Down

The 7 Up Down is a dice game where the player is required to bet on the sum of the dice when thrown. Once the dice are thrown, the total showing face-up on both dice will be above seven, below seven, or right on the number seven. If your prediction is correct, then you are the winner. Predicting the precise number, 7, attracts a jackpot. Players win twice their bet when the numbers 0 and 6 are predicted. 


The ludo game is a simple board game played physically and online. The game is designed to use outcomes from thrown dice to travel through a set path. This path begins from the home column, through the board across opponent homes, and back to the home column. The path leads clockwise, and the game can accommodate two to four players. 

The game begins with players taking a clockwise turn in throwing the dice. Whoever throws the highest starts by taking the number of steps as the outcome with their tokens; this rule applies to all other players as they take turns to throw the dice. 


Joker is a card game you can also find on the teen patti lulu apk. It is a game consisting of a 36-card pack with two jokers that are used interchangeably as high and low cards. The remaining cards in the suits rank from the highest to the lowest, and the game consists of four players. The game is divided into four sets, but before the game begins, players are required to bid the number of tricks they will win throughout the game. Twenty-four hands are given to each joker game, with each hand varying in the number of cards and sets given to players. 

How to Add Money In Teen Patti Lulu Apk

When you download the teen patti lulu app, you need to fund your account to wager and win actual cash. If your account has been approved after registration, and you want to fund it to bet, then go to the app and click the ‘Add Cash’ button. After this, select the amount you want to deposit and the available payment method you want to use. Once you have deposited and the payment is approved, you will see it reflected in your wallet balance as quickly as possible. This apk also gives cashback of up to 2-6 % off the amount added initially. 

Remember to contact customer support if you are having any issues with depositing, withdrawing, or any other activity that seems impossible for you to do on the app. The support team will rectify the issue in no time. 

Invite And Earn Money in TeenPatti Lulu Apk

The teen patti lulu apk is also packed with a fantastic feature that will excite gamers to use it. So aside from the sign-up bonus that comes with Rs. 20, you have access to win actual cash when you are a registered user of the app, and you refer a friend to use the app through your unique link provided by the app. 

The referral promo is a feature that many gamers using this app take advantage of to make extra money. There is no limit to the number of referrals you can bring in. For each referral, the teen patti lulu apk awards cash bonuses to both the person sharing the link and the person registering via a referral link. Remember that you can only access this feature when you’ve signed up with them. 

To refer people to the app, you need to get your unique referral link which you’ll find when you locate and click the ‘refer and earn’ button on the app. This will take you to your referral link, which you will copy and share with everyone you want to invite to use the app. People who register using a referral link get Rs.20 when they sign-up through the referral link, and the owner of the link gets a robust commission from the app after this exercise is concluded. 

Daily Login Rewards in 3 Patti Poker apk

If you thought the bonus offers were done, you are in for a fantastic surprise, as you can also get daily login rewards from the teen patti lulu app without any disappointments. This app’s developers were concerned about allowing players to enjoy the games. Therefore, they made enough bonus rewards for everyone through various means. 

The daily login benefit enjoyed by players in this casino is an excellent idea as it allows players to explore the game even better and reduces their risk in betting. And this is because they aren’t using their actual cash to bet. 

The daily draw works this way; Registered players on the app can win daily bonuses by opening the lucky draw. Gamers can only do this every seventh day and win up to Rs. 1000. To get this reward from the apk, open the app and find the ‘check in’ button. Click it, and you’re good to participate in the draw. The winnings from this draw will be deposited into your account, and you can withdraw them at your discretion. 

There is also a special feature called the task reward. This feature rewards players for performing various tasks such as ordering, first recharge, learning to recharge, etc. To access these rewards, locate the ‘task reward’ button on the dashboard and click it. This will reveal the list of tasks with the rewards attached to them, and you can select any task of your choice. 

How to do Cash Withdrawal In Teen Patti Lulu Apk

Withdrawing your cash from the teen patti lulu apk is straightforward. The cash rarely delays during withdrawals unless there is an issue with the financial institutions involved. It is essential to know that the lulu teen patti app’s minimum withdrawal is Rs.100, while the maximum withdrawal is Rs.10000. 

The withdrawal process begins with locating the withdraw option in the app and clicking it. Once you do this, the app will present you with a prompt where you are expected to fill in your bank details or UPI details. Ensure you do this correctly to avoid any errors. After this, input the amount you want to withdraw and click the ‘withdraw’ button. Once this is done, the app will deposit your money immediately into your account. 

If you experience any issue such as a delay in the transaction process, contact your financial institution or the customer support of the teen patti lulu app. 

Pros and Cons


  • Several bonus offers
  • Navigable app with good graphics
  • Suited for the Indian audience


  • No crypto transaction supported
  • Few games


Is Teen Patti Lulu Apk Safe?

Teen patti lulu apk is a safe app for accessing the ‘Indian flush,’ also known as teen patti. The app is trusted by many gamers around Asia and is widely used. You can visit the game’s site and learn more about the company and how they run its operations. Generally, the app is safe to use on any compatible device. 

How long does it take for a withdrawal amount to be processed?

It only takes a few hours for the withdrawal amount to be credited. Other factors like the financial institutions involved and the transaction time may alter the overall time of receival. However, most withdrawals don’t take too long to be delivered. 

How many games are available to play on Teen Patti Lulu?

The teen patti lulu app has over seven games present on it, ranging from poker to esports. The most popular of them all on the app is the teen patti lulu: 3 card poker. 

What is the Sign-Up Bonus on the Teen Patti Lulu Apk App?

The sign-up bonus for new players on the teen patti app is Rs.20. This is common to all who registered via a referral link or otherwise. 

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